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Forager pouch – small

11.00 €
Customer end price, not including shipping.
Our small forager pouch holds anything that would otherwise go missing in your basket: berries, nuts, seeds. It is also great to just have one (or more) in your pocket for surprise wild finds.

About the illustrations

The pouches are printed on both sides. Pictured are:

  1. chanterelle, rose hips, nettle seeds, blackberry / raspberry, beech nuts
  2. morel, acorns, wild thyme, bluberries / lingonberries, common hogweed seeds


Our forager pouches were designed to...

  •  help create more order in the basket.
  •  separate edible fungi from non-edibles or those who have not yet been identified.
  •  hold nettles, for example, and reduce the risk of stings.
  •  keep wild plants krisp for longer by transporting them in a slightly moist pouch.

But they are also suitable for...

  •  shopping packaging-free.
  •  transporting enamel mugs more safely.
  •  whatever pouches can usually be used for. ;-)

Material und manufacturing

Fabric: 100 % organic cotton 

Print: food safe, non-toxic

Place of manufacturing and origin of fabric: Asia

Printed in: Germany


  • manufactured especially fair and ecologically uncritical (eco labels: GOTS, Blauer Engel, Fairtrade, Grüner Knopf),
  • tested for toxins,
  • food safe,
  • vegan.


ca. 20 cm
ca. 15 cm

* Customer end price, not including shipping.