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Spore Print Cards

Block of 25 cards

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The spore colour of mushrooms is an important feature for fungi ID. But it is also tricky:

  • Light spores can be seen better on a dark background and vice versa;
  • a black background is required to distinguish, for example a dark brown from a black spore powder;
  • you can see light nuances better on white.

With these ingenious cards you have both: a white half and a black half. The mushroom is placed in the middle with the fruit layer facing down, maybe put a glass over it, and let it stand for a while.

  • block with cardboard backs, 25 Cards, 9.8 cm × 9.8 cm
  • "climate-neutral" 
  • printing inks based on renewable materials
  • solid recycled paper 160g / sqm
* Customer end price, not including shipping.