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We don't mind spending hours and hours to perfect our products in the way we envisioned them. Because what is beautiful is also likely to be kept and treasured. 


Something that is "only" pretty, will most likely not end up in our shop. We like our possessions to be of practical value - and that's what makes them win our hearts.

With a message

They are not printed on them in capital letters, but they are there: all of our products have some sort of message, something we want to share with other people.

All our products are developed and designed by us and are then brought to life by selected producers. 


Enamel mugs

Our enamel mugs are dedicated to what we find on a hike through woods and meadows: aromatic and medicinal wild plants. 

The mugs are lightweight, robust, recyclable and can be heated directly on any common cooktop (e.g. induction, fire, gas, electric).