Wilde Kultur

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About us

We are Nadine & Stefan, two modern hippies, mountain people and forest air enthusiasts. We left a life that had become too abstract and entered one that is all about a modern way of selfsufficiency, living in the rhythm of seasons and pure necessities. We stopped being mad about too many things and started doing them differently ourselves.

What we do...

  • We try to live more and more from wild food and our garden.
  • We buy as local as possible - mostly directly from farmers and market gardeners.
  • We try to live very minimalistically and rather buy used than new.
  • We want to preserve old, useful knowledge about selfsufficiency and want to get less dependent on external systems over time. Still this doesn't mean that we want or have to do everything on our own.
  • We are creative introverts who like to create all sorts of things (music, illustrations, cake, furniture, clothes,...).
  • We live surrounded by forest and try to spend a lot of time outside.

What is important to us...

  • We want to live freely, still connected to our surroundings.
  • We want to live authentically and commited to be truthful to ourselves and to others.
  • We strongly believe that it makes us more content to focus on the essentials first: a home, good natural food and the exchange with like-minded people are our basis. 
  • We like things and methods that are simple, natural and easy: mulching, fermentation, forest gardening, leaf to root, wild food - things like these.
  • We think that "organic" shouldn't need a label but be what is normal. Instead food should be labelled with whatever chemicals etc. are used to produce them.
  • We are convinced that we, as humanity, have the potential to form a just and sustainable society. And we think that selfsufficiency is one part that helps us in this process - because it makes us less dependent on huge firms, long supply chains and massive amounts of energy.



»It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.«

To feel the soil under my bare feet, the rain on the skin and the wind in my face. To live from what is to be found in the wild and from what is possible through my own hand's labour. A live that is as free and self-determined as possible. In selfsufficiency and creative work I found exactly that. 

My tasks here: writing, illustration, photography, ideas, product development, gardening, wild food. 

E-Mail: nadine_remove_@wilde_remove_kultur.net



»Before I master the virtual, I have to understand the fundamental.«

The world has become a bit too abstract for me. And yes, I say this as a programmer. I have the strong urge to get closer to the stuff I use, I need. I want to know where things come from, I want to feel what they're worth. 

My tasks here: writing, programming, graphic design, product development and design, handiwork.

E-Mail: stefan_remove_@wilde_remove_kultur.net

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